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Here you will find a list of some of the various services we offer. Contact us for any questions on pricing, availability, or just with your questions and requests. 

Group Pole Vault Coaching

This is the bulk of what makes up Philly Jumps Club. We keep our group sizes to typically 7-8 people. So there is lots of jumping, lots of instruction. We have different membership options to meet your needs!

Private or Semi Private Pole Vault Coaching

Having trouble making that next bar? Feel like you just need a little something extra? Contact us about a private or semi private lesson. Private lessons offer 1 on 1 instruction. Few people means even more jumping,  often with video review and the ability to jump with a crossbar rather than a bungee. Semi privates are up to 3 people and offer the same benefits. 

Coaching Clinics

Did your high school volunteer you to be the new pole vault coach, with no past experience or knowledge. Or maybe you are a parent of an athlete with no coach. Try a crash course in pole vault coaching. Here we focus on meet day management. When you do you go up poles, or grip? How do we ensure the run up is correct? What is a mid mark? Keep your athletes competing strong regardless of your background. 

Pole Vault Camps

Camps are a great way to get a ton of jumping and instruction in a short time. Not only will Talen and Brian be hosting camps, but we also will bring in the biggest stars to expose you  to different views and ideas, AND bring you face to face with legends in the sport. 

 Speed/Strength Development

Speed and strength are vital to jumping your best. We address that by hosting clinics to teach you everything you need to know about getting faster and stronger, so you can jump those high bars you have bee dreaming of!







Pole Vault Sales

PJC has teamed up with Gill Athletics to be able to provide the best pricing on poles, pits, hurdles, throwing equipment, training equipement, ANYTHING YOU NEED. Contact us to make sure you have the right tools for the job. 

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

DISCLAIMER - While we hold some accredidations, we are not doctors, or chiropractsors, or physical therapists. We do, however, hold a wealth of experienced based knowledge on getting/keeping athletes functioning at their best. 

Pole Vault Pole Rental Program

Maybe your school cant afford to buy another pole, but they have a little money to help you out. Or perhaps your a beginner and are constantly needing longer or stiffer poles. Contact us to find out how you can rent poles for a fraction of the cost of buying. 

College Athletics Recruiting

One of the perks our combined experiences is that we know a lot of pole vault coaches in the NCAA. Let us help you get in contact with a school that fits your athletic needs best. We also publish results to college coaches so they can keep an eye out for their next vaulter.

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